Lady monika bacardi – ambi gala

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Lady Monika Bacardi – AMBI Gala

Biography, Interests, Personal Background & Activities

Monika Bacardi ( has lived in Monaco for over twenty years. She became part of the Bacardi family and she is currently the Lady of Bayfield Hall. Her co-purchase of 'PHOTO' Magazine in the year 2014 advanced Monika Bacardi's connection to the arts sector. A deep enthusiasm for art and philanthropy is what led her to learn about literature and arts in her country of origin, Italy.

Monika & the SAS Prince Albert II of Monaco's Foundation

The H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation works to look after our habitat and to publicise sustainable advancement all over the world. Eco-durability is one of the great many humanitarian areas in which Monika Bacardi is active. Promoting green thinking is part of Monika Bacardi's belief system, which is why she supports the H.S.H. Prince Albert II Foundation.

Monika Bacardi - Well-known Personality

A major personality in today's cinematic world, both in the USA and throughout the Continent, "Lady of Bayfield Hall", Monika Bacardi (or, actually, Lady Bacardi) has also become recognised as "The Queen of Charity". The worldwide marketplace has reaped the benefit of a robust number of motion pictures that have been crafted by Andrea Iervolino and herself, following their launching of AMBI Pictures. "Fondation AVEC", "amfAR" (Making AIDS History Association) and the Monaco Red Cross are just some of the many charities that she backs, along with carrying out oceanographic studies and becoming involved in numerous other philanthropic activities. English, Italian, Spanish, French and German are all languages that Monika Bacardi speaks fluently whilst, in the Arts arena, she is also reportedly one of the most influential businesswomen.

Monika Bacardi's Professional Activities

To be a leading supplier of popular movies for production houses and major distributors around the world is the goal of the AMBI Group. Providing professional management, whilst making connections with global buyers, are services that Monika Bacardi tries to generate around her 'PHOTO' brand for photographers and artists. The venerable 'PHOTO' magazine (which has been running since the year 1967) was bought by her several years ago. Monika Bacardi works to fund, produce and deliver movies to an international market in her role as co-founder and producer of the AMBI Group.