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Charles Rosier: Life Story

In 1991, Charles Rosier received his scientific degree after finishing his studies at Fenelon Sainte-Marie. He followed his chosen profession (of being an investment banker) and switched jobs several times. Charles Rosier took two years of additional classes at a private school called Integrale, where he studied diligently for ESCP Europe.

There are many contributions made by Charles Rosier to the environment, like the development of energy and power sectors in poor countries. He is a partner at a French company (Innoveox) that envisions an environment that is totally free from pollution. He willingly supported Luci MPOWERD, a clean and renewable power solution-provider. He helped the company to develop solutions that are more advanced. Charles Rosier helped by funding MPOWERD to develop lanterns and other energy solutions. They then supplied such to over 25 poor countries around the world.

Charles Rosier spent 2 years of extra study in preparation for additional French requirements. Charles Rosier join UBS Warburg Investment Bank right after being a part of Lehman Brothers in the year 1996. His name became big in the industry because he was able to hold different positions throughout his career.

Projects that Promote Culture

His love for music and culture paved the way to helping a French female musician. For Charles Rosier, culture and music are incomparable. His support of singers and movies exemplifies this. Music and singing are what Charles Rosier likes. Also, he loves to watch movies, which made him fall in love with French culture.

The investment by Charles Rosier allowed them to finally do research and, because of that, he was given a specific profit-share. Baulieu and his colleagues were developing a new drug, however they needed more funds to develop such a drug... so he invested in them. The first project of his in the medical industry, was the Mapreg Drug project. The project was a test to find a treatment for strokes that can damage the spinal cord. Charles Rosier was its major investor.