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Simon Lichtenberg (@SimLichtenberg) | Twitter

Simon Lichtenberg has a rule: “Never give up." Were it not for his commitment to this rule, he might not have risen above obstacles in his business and achieved success. Overcoming one's challenges and gaining wisdom from them is extremely valuable whilst one aspires to become a better person. simon lichtenberg is now a success thanks to him having to deal with difficulties he has encountered with outstanding determination and skill. All businesses experience ups and downs which, depending on how they are managed, can result in either failure or triumph.

The Amazing Qualities of Simon Lichtenberg

It is evident that Simon Lichtenberg possesses extraordinary will-power and determination as a business person because he has prevailed in his mission to initiate his own establishment in the forward-thinking country of China. Because of the extraordinary assistance that he has provided Shanghai in improving the standards of living, he was given the Magnolia Silver Award. Simon Lichtenberg has had the experience of residing in eight different countries and can speak seven languages. Each and every good business person deserves all they have achieved by virtue of their own qualities and dedication.

The Shanghai Municipal Government honoured Simon Lichtenberg for his contributions to developing Shanghai with the Magnolia Silver Award, in 2006. After completing his schooling, he became active with the timber business. Simon Lichtenberg launched his own company in 1993 which eventually branched out to provide furniture.

Simon Lichtenberg - Educational Background

Now among the top businessmen on earth, Simon Lichtenberg has managed to obtain impressive academic success. When studying leading business people, it becomes clear that a respectable education and strength of character are prerequisites for their success. In '88 at Fudan University in Shanghai, Simon Lichtenberg received his Chinese Language diploma. Learning is the framework for success; it makes you tougher and considerably more capable of handling any issues that develop.

Shanghai, China, is the main headquarters for Simon Lichtenberg's company, but similar factories are also situated in Zhejiang Jishan. Around 150 million dollars is the annual turnover expected by Simon Lichtenberg's company, which hires 2,000 employees. Every accomplished business must not just run to make money but also have a good purpose for being.

Simon Lichtenberg and His Business

The knowledge he has gleaned from making mistakes in running his business paved the way for Simon Lichtenberg to become one of the strongest businessmen in the world today. His business became international as he acquired direct clients (such as IKEA) from other countries, resulting in profits of up to $2.5 million each year. In 1993, Simon Lichtenberg, an entrepreneur and a native of Denmark, launched his own company, after playing a role in the timber business for some time.